The Greater London Old English Sheepdog Club

                    Pets Corner - The OES at play!!

The OES is stable and happy go lucky.  They are able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions, are loving and friendly. Loyal, protective and intelligent, they make a fine family companion.  Friendly and gentle, they love and are good with children and are very much part of the family.  They have a strong herding instinct and may try to herd people by bumping, not nipping and need to be taught not to herd humans.  Meek or passive owners or those that do not make the rules of the home clear in a way the dog can understand will cause the dog to become strong willed.  This breed needs firm, but calm, confident and consistent leadership.  The OES is a very good worker and is able to follow commands, but will ignore instructions if they think they are stronger minded than their human pack members.  The OES remains puppy like for many years and age tends to hit them suddenly.


Clyde owned by Lisa Larsson & Goran Lundmark undertaking his herding trials in Sweden.