The Greater London Old English Sheepdog Club


Established 1981


The idea for a club for Greater London had been in mind for several years, although not seriously discussed until 1980.  John Smith (Lameda), after ascertaining views from many people at Crufts 1981, where everyone approached thought there could be a need for a London club, compiled a list of exhibitors and owners in the area and collated in excess of 200.  From this basis a cross-section of people were invited to an initial meeting. After public announcement, in May 1981, there followed several steering committee meetings where, among other items, the aims and objectives of the club were settled and the rules ironed out.  The Inaugural Meeting took place on 19th July 1981.

Before the club became a recognised breed club, founder John P Smith wrote:

"The Greater London club is fortunate in having a vital, enthusiastic, hard-working committee and the club, which now has a marvellous momentum of its own, will surely go from strength to strength.  I have no doubt if the present level of support and enthusiasm continues and we retain the cross section of opinion on the present committee, we will undoubtedly join the ten other recognised breed clubs in this country and gain recognition in our own right sometime in the future.

I sincerely hope, in years to come, when many of us have stepped down and we have new blood to carry forward the G.L. banner, those new enthusiasts who manage the affairs of the club never forget it is in the interest of the breed, and this club, to fulfil the commitment of the first committee. To work in harmony with all other breed clubs and, as long as there is support from our pet membership, to cater for their needs as we will in the future for exhibitors."

It is now over 25 years since the club's inception and we remember the original aims and objectives of that first committee -

"To protect and promote the interests of the breed, to render assistance to members and to maintain the breed according to the standard as accepted by the Kennel Club of Great Britain and the rules and regulations of that body"