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                Health & the Old English Sheepdog

On the accompanying pages, we have endeavoured to give you as much information as possible about health issues and health tests available for the Old English Sheepdog.

The articles are for information purposes only and are not intended to replace professional independent veterinary advice.

If there are any isssues you would like the Greater London to investigate or seek information on, please contact Helen on

February 2014 - Information from Kennel Club on changes on breeding advice from the BVA, as follows:-

“It is strongly recommended that breeders wishing to reduce the risk of elbow dysplasia should select their breeding stock (both dogs and bitches) only from animals with an overall grade of 0.  Dogs with elbow grades of 2 or 3 have marked osteoarthritis likely to be due to ED, with or without a visible primary lesion.  Dogs with elbow grades of 1 show mild or early osteoarthritis which is also likely to be due to ED”.


 March 2013 - The Old English Sheepdog Health Survey 2013

The information we collect is extremely valuable to us and we thank you for taking a few minutes to help our lovely breed.  Any information you provide is treated with the strictest confidence and is for the sole use of protecting the future of the OES.  Statistics and analyses generated from the survey will be published on the participating Clubs website and in Newsletters but no dogs or owners' names will be identifiable.