The Greater London Old English Sheepdog Club


Helpful hints on grooming the Old English Sheepdog

Re-printed with the kind permission of Mr Bob Martin, the originator of these notes and to Mr Bertie Pennie for the graphics.


These notes are provided as an aid, particularly for novice groomers and are based upon the experience of the UK show scene in respect of show grooming and ring presentation.  Readers should be aware that continental variations might apply, particularly with regard to ring presentation and grooming preparations.  There are many ways of grooming the OES and clearly everyone adopts their own style as they gain experience over the years.  I have indeed been fortunate to learn from several fellow exhibitors over my 19 years of experience with the breed, which I now hope to share with you through the following hints/tips.

For convenience, I have divided the notes into 4 main sections covering:-

1.  Puppy grooming and hygiene tips.
2.  Pet grooming.
3.  Show grooming.
4.  Ring presentation

Hopefully, by dividing the notes in this way, you will be able to extract the relevant section to suit your needs, which can be found using the tabs on the left hand side of this page, under "Grooming - Helpful Hints".


Dogs should be taught from an early age to lie down whilst being groomed, both for their own comfort and that of the groomer.  In preference a grooming table should be used, although any table top with a non-slip surface or cover would suffice.  Alternatively, if this is neither practical or convenient, the dog should be taught to lie on a blanket on the floor whilst being groomed.  Grooming sessions are better if they are shorter and perhaps more frequent rather than too prolonged, in order to prevent frustrations and rising tempers if a lot of grooming is required.


In giving a couple of tips here, you should always be familiar with the relevant rules on this issue.  The UK Kennel Club do not allow for any preparation to be used which will change either the colour, texture or body of a dogs coat.  A fine spray of water to aid their preparation for the show ring is all that is currently allowed by the Kennel Club.  Trade stands and pet shops are full of products to tempt you - just beware of the rules.

I hope that these notes will be of help to you, and would encourage you to copy and pass them onto others who may benefit from them.  All that I ask is that you ensure they are attributed to myself as the orginator and that Bertie Pennie is given the credit for the graphics.  As I have previously said, I do not consider myself to be an expert, just rather fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from fellow exhibitors and I am indebted to them for their tuition, help and support over the past 20 odd years.