The Greater London Old English Sheepdog Club


                                    Entering a Dog Show

To obtain details of Shows, either:-

a) Contact The Kennel Club for a list of Shows in your area.
b) Shows are published in Dog World and Our Dogs newspapers, available from newsagents.
c) Advertised on dog show web sites, for example; or

When you have decided which Show you would like to enter, contact the Secretary of the Club and request a Schedule, which are usually free of charge.

Once you have the Schedule, you will have to select which class or classes you would like to enter and complete the entry form, which is inside the Schedule.  Class qualifications are listed in the back of the Schedules.

Send your completed entry form and payment to the Secretary before the closing date.  Entries usually close at least one month before the Show.  Entries received after the closing date will not be accepted.  It is a good idea to enclose a stamped addressed postcard for the Secretary to return as proof of your entry, or obtain a proof of posting at your local Post Office in case your entry gets lost in the post.